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AndroGel Lawsuit Filed by New York Man

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New York AndroGel Lawsuit

New York Man Files Testosterone Therapy Lawsuit

New York Low T LawsuitTestosterone Therapy lawsuits continue to be filed across the nation. The latest Low T lawsuit has been filed in Chicago against the manufacturers of Androgel. The lawsuit claims that a New York man suffered pulmonary embolism & deep vein thrombosis after taking AndroGel. Four other Low T Lawsuits were also recently filed in Chicago against the makers of AndroGel AbbVie Inc., and Abbott Laboratories, Inc. Those lawsuits filed claimed that men suffered either a heart attack or a stroke after treatments of AndroGel.

This is the first known lawsuit in the breaking testosterone litigation where the plaintiff suffered pulmonary embolism & deep vein thrombosis. Like previous lawsuits, this one alleges that the defendants misrepresented that Androgel is a safe treatment for men who suffer from "Low Testosterone" or "Low-T".

When the FDA originally approved AndroGel in 2000, the market for AndrGel was only 4-5 million American men. After the FDA approval, the company said that number grew to 20 million in just three years. The lawsuit points to this fact to show that it believes the company knowingly overprescribed Low T as a way to artificially create a significantly larger market of American men in which to sell its product through incredible amounts of advertising. This particular Testosterone lawsuit claims that AndroGel spent $80 million dollars in advertising in 2012.

The new AndroGel lawsuit seeks "punitive damages in an amount in excess of any jurisdictional minimum of this Court and in an amount sufficient to impress upon Defendants the seriousness of their conduct and to deter similar conduct in the future." The plaintiff is also requesting a traditional jury trial for his Testosterone Lawsuit against AndroGel.

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