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AndroGel Lawsuit Filed by New York Man

FDA Asked to Add Black Box Warning to Testosterone


Low T Multidistrict Litigation (MDL)

Testosterone Multidistrict Litigation (MDL)

To be clear the is not a Testosterone Therapy Class Action Lawsuit. There have been law suits filed in Federal Court in Chicago in early 2014. These are not "Class Action Low T Lawsuits" but are individually filed Mass Tort Lawsuits. These men who claim that AndroGel caused either a heart attack or stroke, have filed these Testosterone lawsuits individually. However since they are all suing the maker of AndroGel, which is AbbVie, it is entirely possible a Testosterone MDL could be created. The literal definition of what a ultidistrict Litigation (MDL) is:

"In the United States, multidistrict litigation (MDL) refers to a special federal legal procedure designed to speed the process of handling complex cases such as air disaster litigation or complex product liability suits."

There would be benefits for a Testosterone Therapy or Low T MDL in terms of costs of litigation as the federal cases on all combined to one central location

Brent Coon and Associates have participated in led in many Multidistrict Litigation (MDL). BCA is currently involved in a long standing BP Oil Spill MDL after filing thousands of claims against BP. BCA also served as Lead Counsel in the litigation following the 2005 Texas City refinery explosion that left 15 workers dead and hundreds more injured. Brent Coon was courted by the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee to head multiple discovery committees after BP Gulf Coast Oil Spill. BCA's pharmaceutical team has the knowledge and skill necessary to go head-to-head against the largest drug manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry.

Filing a Testosterone Therapy Lawsuit

If you or someone you love have suffered any serious side effects while under or after taking Low T drugs like AndroGel , you should contact an Low T Lawyer as soon as possible. If you suffered due to Low T side effects you may be entitled to recovery. After completing our Free Low T Case Evaluation, our Testosterone Attorneys will review your information and advise on the next step in the legal process.

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